'The Bachelor' recap: The Whole Tooth

"Ladies, come join me in the living room please!" You know what those nine sweet words mean, rose lovers: It's time for another massive misstep in Brad's Bachelor "journey."

Tonight's installment starts with Harrison gathering the women for a brief date card pep-talk (in a bright blue shirt that looks suspiciously like the one he wore last week -- but it isn't, I checked… because I am just that lame), and to deliver the news that Ashley 2 will be going on the first one-on-one date of the week. "I'm gonna make sure that Brad kisses me today," she chirps. Not so fast, Ashley 2 -- first, you have to commit a wartime atrocity against a defenseless pop song! Yes, this intimate date involves Brad and his bachelorette defiling studio A in Los Angeles' landmark Capitol Records building by recording "Kiss From a Rose" by Seal. (To what end, TeamBachelor? What do you have against my ears? Why do you hate that poor sound engineer guy in the booth? What did Seal ever do to you?) Brad and Ashley 2 honk their way through it -- let's just say, she's a little bit Linda McCartney, he's a little bit Peter Brady -- and both seem to have a good sense of humor about their excruciating lack of talent. Then Seal shows up to perform a private concert for the tone-deaf duo, which makes Ashley 2 teary-eyed because "Kiss From a Rose" reminds her of her dear, departed dad. (And I'm sure it reminds Seal of the time he was relevant. Zing!) Read More...



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