Mike and Molly “Molly Makes Soup” Review

Mike and Molly "Molly Makes Soup" Season 1 Episode 14 – Mike and Molly is sweet and funny. Melissa McCarthy is adorable, (I could be biased though as I ADORED her in Gilmore Girls) and in this episode "Molly Makes Soup" she plays the part of the angry/annoyed girlfriend perfectly.

I can say that, I’m a woman.

When Mike is presented with tickets to a basketball game from Vince, Molly’s mother’s boyfriend, he accepts (in his defense, they are awesome tickets – third row behind the home bench… Even I would consider going to that game!) without thinking through how Molly will react.

Vince isn’t your typical "boyfriend" material – he’s crass, loud, and talks about sex (with and without Molly’s mother) more than anyone EVER needs to. Needless to say, Molly is not a fan. She plays the "it’s your decision" card to Mike about him taking the tickets, with an annoyance that both men and women watching the show will understand. Read more...



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