'Greek' Season 4, Episode 3 Recap

Casey began her first day of classes bright eyed and bushy-tailed as usual. But in case the thought hadn't crossed your mind -- did you ever wonder how a full-fledged sorostitute like Casey Cartwright could ever be taken seriously in law school? That's right. She can't. In a storyline plucked straight from 'Legally Blonde,' Casey was ridiculed on her first day after she accidentally outed herself as the girl who got in due to a technicality. Bad move, Cartwright.

Like our favorite Harvard Law student, Casey was shunned from study groups and her ex didn't even try to stand up for her. Rude! Casey then went to complain to the professor. Seriously? The prof told her to grow a pair (well, not in those words exactly). Thank goodness ... Casey really needs to stop being so whiny and hiding herself in the home she's made for herself in ZBZ. Read More...



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