HAWAII FIVE-0 “He Kane Hewa’ Ole” Review

HAWAII FIVE-0 "He Kane Hewa’ Ole" Season 1 Episode 14 – Is it just me or do all significant conversations between Danny and McGarrett happen in the car? Because it’s they sure had a doozy in this episode.

Danny put McGarrett on the spot, accusing him of going soft whenever a case involves a father and son. It’s very true but what’s also true is the fact that Danny himself responds when the case involves a father and daughter. In fact I’m surprised that McGarrett didn’t call Danny on that, since it happened again, not too long after the car talk.

At first I thought that Danny was right. When a case involves a father and son, McGarrett does go soft, but only for a little and only when taking the father’s (or son’s) feelings into account. Anyone who saw the final scene (you know, the one where McGarrett told Danny to get that woman away from him), knows that he doesn’t only go soft. That look in his eyes was anything but soft. Read More...



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