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Guess What? First Teaser Trailer From "The Last Airbender"

From the looks of it M Shaylman takes martial arts a little to the max on this movie, effects are 100% cool but the kid who makes Aang doesn't look like Aang, and he has hair. Yup! A hair-on-the-head kid makes Aang, lets just hope Shaylman makes the right calls. But the movie seems to deliver and not completely suck as many people seem to think that it will.


| 09:11 EDT, 05 Jul, 2010
Well one thing i know is that if you watched the TV series of Avatar the Last Airbender, then you won't like it as much. If you watched the TV series then you expect most stuff in the movie to be like the cartoon. If you didnt spend alot of time watching the TV series then you would be amazed about most of the stunts out of all of the stunts they put in the movie. And for the record, I think Avatar the Last Airbender TV series was a good idea. And the reason the characters in the movie don't look like the ones in the cartoon is because the inspiration from the TV series was an anime. You can't go host auditions and expect everyone to have a tan, black hair, and huge eyes with small noses.It was hard for them to choose characters and they did their best to choose.
| 00:53 EDT, 14 Aug, 2009
"Avatar" was the best thing Nickelodeon has done in years! It's great the way it is: funny, heartfelt, and well-planned. I don't see what could possibly be added to it by making it a live action movie directed by Shyalaman--who hasn't done anything good in ten years or more.Also, the bending in the trailer just doesn't look as good as it did in the show. All in all, this movie looks like an unnecessary disappointment.
| 21:03 EDT, 14 Jul, 2009
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| 21:02 EDT, 14 Jul, 2009
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| 16:53 EDT, 25 Jun, 2009
I'm in that 25%, I think it looks better than what could have happened, seems fairly on the mark. Though I do agree with kyba, we'll see how it turns out overall!!
| 14:04 EDT, 25 Jun, 2009
Well yeah kida'. That is one of the many complaints people have of this movie. But all those calls are not up to us but to the director of the movie. The way the things are going, it is going to be one or the other. Either the movie will blast everyone away or the movie will anger people because of how far it is off from the show, I'm guessing that the poll right now is 75% hate the film of what it has shown and 25% loved the trailer and think the movie will be awesome. I personally thought that they could have done better with the Aang charecter, maybe having a martial arts master kid will be good but the costume was off, with the arrow in the head and the fact it is not blue as it should be. Well, lets just hope for the best
| 04:19 EDT, 25 Jun, 2009
From the trailer, it looks like its going to be a decent movie, but i heard that every actor for the movie will be Caucasian. in the cartoon, 'avatar', there doesn't seem to be a single blond haired person - the entire world is composed of far-east Asians. Isn't that a bit wrong, to change the entire ethnicity of a movie when capable actors are easily available?

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