Lights Out 1.02 "Cakewalk" Review

After last week’s reveal that Lights was going to be fighting again, I thought that he couldn’t possibly screw up his life anymore. Well, Lights Out decided that Lights can’t just coast to his fight against Death Row. Rather bribery, criminal charges, and increasing health issues are turning Lights into the man no one wants to be.

This episode expanded more on the meeting Lights had with the dentist last week. We all know that he broke the arm of the man, but we had no idea that the dentist decided to press charges until now. I have to say that I was surprised that Lights didn’t admit to breaking the man’s arm. Yes, criminal charges can put a huge damper on any comeback he wanted to make but, to go as far as lying to the police (and getting his wife to lie) marks a low point in the character of Lights. I’m starting to see that the writers are leading Lights into more of a character devolvement rather than build him up as a hero to the world and us viewers. Read More...


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