White Collar 2.10 "Burke's Seven" Review

White Collar is a program that gets a good deal of mileage out of the general likability of its characters and the chemistry the actors have with one another. The overarching "mythology" of the series is not awful or completely muddled like the last few years of Burn Notice, but it’s also seemingly less important as well. Jeff Eastin and his team tried hammering home a certain kind of storytelling in season one with that terrible mid-season cliffhanger and thankfully they’ve backed away from nonsense like that ever since. And even then, the episode-to-episode narratives didn’t always hang together consistently.

But the first half of season two, which aired last summer, was fantastic. The writers figured out how to make white collar crimes more compelling on a procedural level — oftentimes by wrapping them up in "normal" crimes like murder and whatnot — and the chemistry between the whole cast, not just Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay, improved. Despite a goofy cliffhanger that I can’t really hate on because this is a USA series and there’s always some dumb finale bit that gets resolved in three minutes when the series returns, White Collarwas good enough to make my top 25 of 2010. This is a big honor. Read More...



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