'Friday Night Lights': Unexpected redemption, instant gratification


Last time on "Friday Night Lights"... absolutely everything went to pot. So unless they want our hearts to fully break before we even make it to the series finale, this one has got to be at least a bit of an upper. Eh?We enter on Eric (Kyle Chandler) speaking with the athletic director from Shane State in Florida over a nice dinner. He hands Eric the official offer package, as fancy-type music plays in the background, and you just know it's a good one. Back in East Dillon, Buddy's (Brad Leland) sixth, high-school-football-related sense tells him that something is amiss. There's a box of oranges in Eric's office. Oranges come from Florida! He and Principal Levi scheme about how to keep their coach from leaving them in the lurch, inadvertently revealing themselves as the "FNL" dream team we never imagined. This scene is honestly the closest the show will ever come to a sitcom. Vince...



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