Modern Family 2.13 "Caught in the Act" Review

This week's hysterical episode, "Caught in the Act," was about the different impressions people make.  Each of the family units was faced with the fallout arising from their mistaken actions: Mitchell and Cameron try to impress the restaurateur parent of one of Lily's classmates and ruin her expensive home decor; Gloria tries to recover a harshly worded email she accidentally sent to Claire; and Claire and Phil try to make amends after their children catch them having sex.  None of these plots are particularly novel (I think sitcom kids have been walking in on their parents having sex since TV shows started showing married couples sleeping in the same bad), but the skill with which the plots were executed proves yet again that Modern Family is one of, if not the, top comedy currently on television.

Anyone who reads my Modern Family reviews on any sort of regular basis knows that I almost always find the core elements of the show to be of the highest order.  Unsurprisingly, these elements were in top form again this week.  From the superb dialogue (the whole scene between Jay, Gloria and the kids by the front door) to the slapstick (Mitchell knocking the vase over; the lock sound in the episode's tag) to the emotional resonance (Jay taking a hit for Gloria by saying the email contained a naked picture of Gloria he requested), this episode was again superlative where it has to be to be a winning sitcom.  So, instead of rehashing the excellence of those elements, I want to point out a couple small things that more deeply illustrate, at least to me, what makes the show so successful. Read More...


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