MEDIUM ''Means and Ends'' Review Season 7, Episode 3

After appearing too briefly in the first two episodes of the seventh season Lee Scanlon is front and center in a powerful episode rife with moral dilemmas. His older brother also makes an appearance as a ghost haunting him. Meanwhile, Ariel's Dartmouth roommate gives her a ring which is rather surprising; especially when it turns out she's been dead for eleven years.

It started off with Scanlon sitting outside of a house. Inside the house a man is assaulting his wife and son. As soon as the altercation gets physical Scanlon hops out of his car to stop it. This is all well and good; until Scanlon starts beating the man in front of his wife and son. The man is scum. He deserves a beating, sure. But this episode of Medium was about the center ground between right and wrong. Had Scanlon arrested the man he would have returned to assaulting his wife and son the minute he got out of jail. But was he right to beat the man up in front of his wife and son?

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