'Biggest Loser': New trainers Cara & Brett aren't aiming to replace Jillian


After teasing at their identity since the start of Season 11, "The Biggest Loser" has unveiled its two new trainers -- who'll share the duty of filling the gap Jillian Michaels will leave when she departs at the end of the season. But with Cara Castronuova and Brett Hoebel carry her torch with ultra-competitive spirit and tough love approach? Probably not. Castronuova and Hoebel, a boxer and martial arts guru respectively, made it clear when speaking with reporters on Jan. 19 that they have their own, unique approaches. "You can't teach a person heart," says Castronuova. "Successful weight loss also comes from making [the contestants] mentally strong and knowing that they can do anything. It's not just the training or the nutritional part... it's about fixing what's inside."And they have nothing but respect for the job their new co-stars have done so far. "Look, Bob [Harper] and Jillian are two of the greatest trainers,"...



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