'Top Chef All-Stars': The Restaurant War to end all Restaurant Wars


If Restaurant Wars is the best challenge in all of "Top Chef" and "All-Stars" is the best season, then it's safe to assume that this is going to be the greatest episode ever, right? (We have low expectations, we swear.)But, really. This is going to be amazing, but first we have to get through the small matter of a Quickfire.The gangs starts out at Eric Ripert Le Bernardin, where they're put to shame by New York's fanciest fish butcher. For their challenge, they have to carve one cod and one fluke into Michelin star worthy portions. NBD. Here's where we separate the chefs from the chefs who can cut fish. And during the knife-filled montage, Marcel sneaks in a little anecdote about how handling fish used to give him a rash -- until he willed himself to not be allergic to fish. Because he's magic. Got it?. And everyone is still making fun of...



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