CHASE “Nico, Part 1'' Review

CHASE "Nico, Part 1? Season 1 Episode 12 – This episode featured one of the more unusual captures I’ve seen on this show. First of all, it started out with the team making an arrest, which is unusual enough given that they usually start the show with some sort of crime and escape. After that, things go back to normal until the end when their fugitive willingly gives herself up in order to save her son and all hell breaks loose.

I can’t say that I was too surprised by the ending, not after they made it so obvious that Annie was going to be a target. Is it just me or does she have the worst luck ever? The poor girl is always getting blown up or shot and now she’s been kidnapped. I’m looking forward to what affect it will have on the rest of the team though, to have to figure out how to rescue her.

I really enjoyed the team bonding in this episode. Everyone hanging out at the barbecue in the beginning was awesome. I also really enjoyed getting some background on Marco and finding out more about him. Read More...


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