CRIMINAL MINDS “Corazon” Review

CRIMINAL MINDS "Corazon" Season 6 Episode 12 – The BAU head down to Miami where brutal ritual murders have threatened a small community. Reid has to deal with a migraine which appears to be caused, not by physical symptoms, but by past emotional/psychological trauma. This news distresses him, as his mother was a schizophrenic.

The first leg of the sixth season of Criminal Minds has provided some truly excellent episodes (the sinister "Into the Woods" was one of the shows’ best episodes ever; sinister, scary and unforgettable. It was chilling, in no small part thanks to the child guest actors and daring writing decisions) and has provided some truly dull ones ("25 To Life"-I know I watched it, because I wrote a review on it, but if you held a gun to my head I couldn’t tell you a thing about those forty-something minutes of my life.) Read More...


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