OFF THE MAP “Smile, Don’t Kill Anyone” Review

OFF THE MAP "Smile, Don’t Kill Anyone" Season 1 Episode 2 – Cheech Marin was wonderful in this episode as a medicine man that gives Tommy a lot of grief before the doc figures out how to mesh his modern medicine with Papa’s old ways. I loved the symbolism of Tommy fixing Sofia’s scar. Because closing the scar he was closing the door to the demons being able to get in and also winning her trust so that she would take the medication for the seizures.

This show is all about how being a doctor in the jungle is different than in a regular hospital and boy did we see that tonight. I was really impressed with the anaconda-as-tourniquet storyline, as well as Mina learning that her job didn’t end when a patient died. So far the stories have been really interesting and I hope they can keep it up. Read More...


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