'Top Chef All-Stars' Recap: Casualties of Restaurant War

There are only 10 cheftestants left on this season of Top Chef All-Stars! And, considering who's been eliminated, it could be anyone to go home next. 

Carla promotes Girl Power since there are no girls left. Antonia reflects on the fact that everyone around her gets eliminated. Safe bet that neither of them gets eliminated if the producers have any say in that matter. No producer in his or her right mind would send home a woman right now.


The cheftestants march bravely into... Not the Top Chef kitchen? It's a fancy restaurant (Le Bernardin) instead. With potted plants and glasses and everything! What could this mean? They find Anthony Bourdain, who extols the virtues of the restaurant and its butcher. Uh oh... Are they going to butcher?

Justo Thomas is the crazy cool fish butcher. If I knew anything about cleaning fish (which I don't), this would probably be awesome for me. We're just going to pretend to agree that he's amazing though. Fancy restaurant patrons are apparently very picky about their fish. At those prices, I don't blame them.  Read More....



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