Friday Night Lights Recap: Tempted by the Fruit of Another

Only four episodes of Friday Night Lights remain. (We’ll pause to let you dry your eyes on your Oklahoma Tech beer koozie — it’s not like you’ll be needing it anymore.) But while the weekly exploits of the Lions may disappear from our (Direct)TVs, it’s hard to imagine Dillon, Texas, ceasing to exist. More than anything else, it’s the town that has become the star of the show and it’s a tribute to the writers, cast, and crew that a fictional place seems so utterly fixed, permanent, and real in our minds. Perhaps that’s also why so much of "Don’t Go" seemed concerned with a future we’ll never get to see, but one that is awfully comforting to imagine.

The biggest question mark hangs over Coach Taylor. We open this week with him being dined and wined by the dixie-fried athletic director of Shane State. "You’re exactly what we’re looking for in a head coach," the AD drawls, while pushing a folder containing a no doubt generous offer across the table. While no decisions are made at dinner, this AD isn’t one to take no for an answer because waiting for Coach back at East Dillon are the big guns fruits: a crate of Florida oranges. Wow! Nothing says profligate university spending on athletics like citrus! Of course Encyclopedia Buddy is on the case (of oranges): "That right there marks the end of the East Dillon Lions program led by Coach Eric Taylor," he tells ornery principal Levi. And thus a covert op is launched to keep Coach close: step one involves turning the school athletic banquet into a reverse roast (a freeze?), a sort of student-led love-in for Eric. We can only imagine that step two would involve free vitamin C shots for the entire Taylor family to offset the loss of fresh-squeezed O.J. every day, but, luckily, Buddy doesn’t get that far. Read More...


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