'Chase' 1.12 'Narco (Part 1)' Review

Since we last saw Chase, it's been moved out of direct competition with Hawaii Five-O, but into direct competition with a two-hour American Idol. I'm not sure that's an improvement.

In "Narco," the team faces off with the wife of an arrested drug distributor, who's willing to do anything in order to keep her husband from going to prison, starting with setting a key witness on fire. As one of the main characters says, it's a big leap for her to go from loyal wife to murderer, and it's one that isn't quite convincing; we don't get a clue what makes Isabella Cordova turn so ruthless so quickly. Yes, protecting one's family is a motivation, but what drives her to think she has to kill to do that? Or has she been that way all along and we're just not shown her underlying malice? Either way, there's a piece missing from her characterization. Read More...



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