BLUE BLOODS “Little Fish” Review

BLUE BLOODS "Little Fish" Season 1 Episode 11 – An old case from Frank’s past comes back to haunt him when the body of a little boy is found and turns out to be a missing child he was once tasked with finding. He does let the case consume him, sometimes shirking his commissioner duties in order to do so. But what I liked most, in addition to seeing Frank doing some awesome police work (that hammer thing was brilliant), was how calmly he handled it in the end. Because I think that if he’d gone off on Ted, if he’d screamed and yelled and threatened, it probably wouldn’t have gotten him anywhere. Ted probably would have just shut down and so by going softly he was able to bring it all to and end and give a mother, a troubled man and himself some closure.

Danny and Jackie have a witness who saw the girl murdered. Case closed, right? No, here’s another one of those times where it’s hard to choose which side is right and which is wrong. The murderer also happens to be a man that the FBI is using to help them track down a much bigger fish. So is it worth it to let a killer go? A guy who might kill the witness, too? Luckily they find a way to kill two birds with one stone (or in this case maybe two fish) when they catch the judge who’s been lenient on the murderer was also using the pimp’s services. Read More...


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