BONES “The Body in the Bag” Review

BONES "The Body in the Bag" Season 6 Episode 10 – Okay so thanks to my DVR deciding to not record this episode (for reasons that are still a mystery to me as the ep was on the "to do" list, like, an hour before it), I missed about the first ten minutes of this one. Luckily I spotted that it wasn’t recording automatically and hit the button and just as luckily, I found a very detailed summary of the ep online to catch up on what I missed. Crisis averted.

The crux of this episode, you know after the whole murder thing, was the continuing story of Booth, Bones and Hannah. After Bones bared her heart to Booth, he decided that he had to tell Hannah. It’s totally the right thing to do but of course makes things awkward between Bones and Hannah, who are becoming closer friends. Read More...


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