THE MENTALIST “Bloodhounds” Review

THE MENTALIST "Bloodhounds" Season 3 Episode 12 – Jane may have met his match in this episode when a new doctor joins the team temporarily as a liaison. Bringing with her a new kind of science, she uses numbers and formulas to track down killers. At first I thought her science stuff sounded ridiculous but then she kept coming to the same conclusions as Jane, which was as amusing to me as it seemed to be to him.

Jane put it well when he said that the whole thing was just one big mathematical equation to her, but eventually the two of them actually started hitting it off. I liked that he got her to sit back and "turn off the super-computer", just letting thoughts come to her to see where they went. At the same time though, she also got him to see that her methods had some validity too. I was sure I was going to dislike Montague the moment she came on screen, afraid that she’d upset the dynamic of the team and Jane’s part in it. By the end though, I was enjoying the two of them working together and actually wouldn’t mind it at all if she came back in a future episode. Read More...


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