Better with You 1.12 “Better with a Cat” Review

This week provided a below average episode from the most obviously mediocre sitcom currently on television. Honestly, I’m really not hard to please when it comes to comedy - all I need is something that’ll make me laugh (anything beyond that comes as extra). At this point, though, it’s definitely not 100% guaranteed that any given episode of Better with You will actually succeeding in bringing about laughter (that it’ll raise a smile is still usually probable). Whilst I still sort of enjoyed this week’s offering, it failed at the only thing that I really expect from comedic television, and for that reason I ended up rather disappointed with this week’s Better with You.

Above all, the main storyline of the episode felt more than unnecessary, and was just poor comic material. In short, Maddie and Vicky wrongly interpret a conversation with Mia as a challenge and subsequently start fighting over guardianship of her baby. (Mia also wrongly interprets what they were talking about... as some sort of judgement of her potential ability as a parent.) When everything in an episode feels this meaningless, it’s just destined not to be funny. Read More...


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