Top Moments: Idol Flirts with Disaster, Jersey Shore Pops a Squat

Our top moments this week:

11. Worst Undercover Job: On Undercover Boss, Sheldon Yellen, CEO of disaster recovery company Belfor, does some immediate disaster recovery himself after hearing lowly employee Jen's sob story of how she never received a raise with her promotion last year. Holding back tears, he blows his cover on the spot and promises her more dough. (Would it have killed you to wait until the end of the episode, Sheldon?) Bonus points to Jen for her deft backpedaling in her critiques of Belfor.

10. Cruelest Bet: On Conan, the redheaded host settles his New England Patriots-New York Jets bet with La Bamba. Since his beloved Pats lost, O'Brien has to don a "rare collector's item" blue Jets hat, which means La Bamba doesn't have to wear nothing but a Pats hat — or so he thought. Pointing out that he is La Bamba's boss, Coco forces him to wear a monstrous Pats sculpture and strip down to nothing. Only La Bamba could win the bet and still lose.

9. Happiest Ending:
 On the season (and most likely series) finale of Life Unexpected, the action jumps ahead two years to Lux's high school graduation, where viewers finally get the relationship — and family — they wanted in the first place: Cate and Baze are back together. Now if only we could see where they all go from here. Are you listening, CW?



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