'Community' Season 2, Episode 12 Recap

Let me just start by saying WOOHOO! I'm so happy 'Community' is back.

I know not every 'Community' fan will agree with me here, but I enjoy the more "normal" heartfelt episodes as much as the over-the-top homages. Even though it's been a long time (way too long, dammit!) since the Christmas stop-motion animation episode, I needed a sweet character-driven 30 minutes with the Greendale gang to bring me back in.

'Asian Population Studies' could have meant a million different things, but I was honestly shocked when talk of Shirley and Chang's Halloween hook-up started happening. Yes, the Halloween zombie/roofie episode is a touchy one -- a lot of people think they went way too far -- but I laughed out loud when Troy brought it up. "Remember that Halloween party that none of us can remember?" Ah yes, that one. Read More...



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