'The Big Bang Theory' Season 4, Episode 13 Recap

O-kaaaay then. There are episodes of sitcoms, and then there are episodes of sitcoms. And then there was this latest episode of 'The Big Bang Theory.'

Just to make it clear before we delve a little bit, I like 'The Big Bang Theory,' I really do. But this episode seemed ... odd. And much like the episode before it, it seemed to hang upon the thinnest of plot threads.

Here was the set-up for the episode: All the characters have to go to a science convention, including Penny, who didn't really want to go, but who had to be dragged along. Because by going to the the convention, she'd also get to go to a spa. Because otherwise, if Penny wasn't in it, it wouldn't really be a normal episode of the show, y'know? Read More...



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