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From reading reviews on this page, reading other reviews, and talking to fellow House fans, it seems like most people really enjoyed season 4 and especially the concluding episodes. I, on the other hand, had a BIG problem with this season. Before the season started, I was a diehard House fan, and I was so excited for the new season. I admit that one of the main reasons I liked the show so much was due to the Cameron, Chase, and Foreman team, and I was praying that they would make a swift return to House's adjacent office. Throughout the first 9 episodes, during which House was playing his Survivor/Bachelor/Reality TV show, I felt like the show was really weak and missing some of the key elements of the show such as clinic duty and an actual ddx. And of course, the absence of Chase and Cameron in my life was also upsetting. Once he picked his new team however, I hoped that the show would go back to its simplistic origins, but boy was I wrong. Every episode seemed to be trying to top the last in every aspect, except actually in being a good episode. It's A Wonderful Lie,

Frozen, Don't Ever Change, No More Mr. Nice Guy, and Living The Dream all were not only over-dramatic, but also forgettable despite all of the hype built up around them. His new team also seems hugely flawed. I know that I am tuff on them because I like the old team so much, but the new guys seem just like bad photocopies of the former team. Taub, Foreman's counterpart, hasn't actually said a memorable word since he was placed on the team and doesn't seem to be needed since Forman is still actually with House. Kutner, although entertaining at times, seems miscast. The main function of Chase on the old team was basically to be the hot one, and while Kutner is certainly not bad looking, he's no Jesse Spencer. 13, who I admit is quite beautiful, is the only character on the new team whose personality were getting to know. But, being bisexual and having Huntington's is hardly a character description. I understand that it takes a while to develop a character and that I probably did not feel like I knew the old team five episodes into the show, but I still felt like I wanted to know more about them. With the new team, I'm really not that interested. With the addition of these 3 characters, along with Miss CTB and still keeping the old cast members around just makes the show seem crowded. Lastly, the finale(s). House's Head was a good idea, because the writers probably decided that since the first time was a good episode, the second version couldn't be bad. Unfortunately, they were incorrect. The reason the No Reason, the second season finale, was such a great episode, was because everything meshed and that the end was such a shock. House's Head was confusing most of the time, and really made me wonder if the writers have a personal beef with House. They have injured our poor Gregory an unbelievable number of times this season for absolutely no reason (no pun intended). The poor guy already has been shot and remember that whole infarction thing? It's o.k not to injure him for one episode! The following episode, Wilson's Heart was also disappointing to me. I heard that many people cried at the end, but I really didn't find the episode that moving. Leonard and Laurie were great as usual, but the random places that the episode traveled to made little sense. And killing off Amber, way to unrealistic for a show like House. All in all, I found this season to be wildly disappointing and made me want my simple days of House back. There are so few joys in this life, but clinic duty, ddxs, and the ducklings truly made the world much better. Let's hope season 5 goes back to its roots and lives up to the great standards that House has set for itself in the past.


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Jun 4, 2008 7:08AM EDT

Yeah, It looks a bit dramatic in the last two episodes.... Ohh BOY! But I still love HOUSE!!!!! :P

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