S#*! My Dad Says 1.14 "Corn Star" Review

What's your secret? Usualy this question is reserved for chefs with extrodinary dishes or athletes on the cusp of greatness. Well, this weeks S#*! My Dad Says gives the one answer to the question no one ever wanted to hear... ever. While this was just a short instance of revealing secrets because of a corn muffin, the episode kept this joke going even while talking about feuding neighbors.

The episode centered around Eds habit of pissing off his neighbors to a point where one neighbor finally stands up to him. Enter Rosemary (played by Jean Smart), the pissed off neighbor and vice president of the Home Owners Association. The two bickered enough that to me they sounded like an old married couple who desperatly wanted the other to die first. eventually the bickering lead to Ed running against Rosemary for HOA president. This would have been a good scene had the writers actually let the two people actually hold a steady debate. However, before the debate, Ed fixes Rosemarys foot problem with a simple massage that sounded way too creepy as time went on. What followed was Ed getting a "leg up" on his competition (yes I know once again my puns are horrible) and Rosemary becoming too embaressed to argue. I believe the whole debate, and possibly outcome of who won would have been different if there would have been no massage. While it was nice to see another human side of Ed, I'd rather have him be the old cranky man he is at all times. Read More...



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