Community 2.12 "Asian Population Studies" Review

There’s been a lot of discussion about the two different kinds of Community. It’s not quite "3 Glees" worthy, but critics and fans can obviously see how this series can present us with high-concept, meta-driven episodes like "Epidemiology" and then follow it up with character-driven efforts like "Cooperative Calligraphy" or even  "Mixology Certification." What’s interesting is that up until now, the series has done a really good job of separating those different sides to the series — for the most part. Obviously episodes like "Epidemiology" work so well because they include character-driven moments and "Cooperative Calligraphy" still hammers home some upper-level stuff while exploring the tensions with the group.

But Shirley’s pregnancy and her relationship with Chang (and the events of the zombie episode as a whole) have carried over in a different way. It’s a weird development from a high-concept episode and now it’s been handled here in a completely straight-forward and emotionally honest way. This carry-over is new for the series, particularly when the thread itself and the tone it’s being executed in don’t really fit together on paper. Read More...


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