Answers To Trivia! Don't Cheat!

Hey guys! I hoped you enjoyed the trivia and from the comments I can tell that people thought the questions were pretty challenging, so here are the correct answers (the episode name is next to them).

1. Ryan (Producer's Cut: The Return)

2. Morgan (Did I Stutter?)

3. Samtanko (Launch Party)

4. Anderson (Fun Run)

5. Mr. A. Knife (Survivor Man)

6. 15 (Christmas Party)

7. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police (Phyllis's Wedding)

8. Hot Sauce (Christmas Party)

9. 6: Anthony, Hannah, Martin, Andy, Karen, and Jim (The Merger)

10. Peach colored roses (Phyllis's Wedding)

11. Brazilian (Diversity Day)

12. Sasha (Take Your Daughter To Work Day)

13. The yearbook picture, a golf pencil, a boggle timer, a hot sauce packet, or a cassette tape (Christmas Party)

14. Christian (The Client)

15. E-mail Surveillance & Pam

16. Here Comes Treble (Gay Witch Hunt)

17. Pam (Health Care)

18. Angela (Health Care)

19. Creed, Oscar, Meredith, and Toby (Survivor Man) The big mistake about birthday month is that in The Alliance, Pam states that the only birthday coming up is Meredith's and that it is a moth away. If all of these birthdays are so close together, it seems impossible that this would be true.

20. The same as the ratio of unicorns to leprechauns (The Job)

21. Get Busy by Sean Paul (Booze Cruise)

22. 3: Hot Girl, The Fire, Booze Cruise

23. 5: Office Olympics, Michael's Birthday, Casino Night, Diwali, A Benihana Christmas

24. Love Actually and Uptown Girls (Safety Training)

25. A bowler and it says "The Spicy Curry Award" (The Dundies)

26. Gruel. And you can eat your own hair (The Convict)

27. Mufasa (Grief Counseling)

28. Sushi (Diwali)

29. For The Longest Time (Sorry guys, I don't know which ep this is from!)

30. Dana (The Secret)

31. Cindy (A Benihana Christmas)

32. The boy who sits across from Michael at his telemarketing job (Money)

33. Mixed Berry (Pilot)

34. Jamie (Product Recall)

35. The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Closer To Fine by Indigo Girls, or Lovefool by The Cardigans (Product Recall, Diwali, and The Initiation)

36. Prerogative (Night Out)

37. Wow, this was not a fair question. At different times in the show she has worn a unicorn, butterfly, dove, and diamond charm on a gold chain, so sorry for the confusion. Any of those answers are accepted.

38. A prism duro mp3 player (The Injury) Stupid Roy!

39. He makes it huge, changes his middle name from Kurt to Fart, and says that he is a security threat (Conflict Resolution)

40. Dwide Shrude (Drug Testing)

41. For not saving the excess oil form a can of tuna (Safety Training)

42. The Pratt Institute: School of Art & Design (Goodbye, Toby)

43. Jeff (Phyllis's Wedding)

44. Another ambiguous question, SORRY! Oscar is technically the one heard saying to Pam that he really missed their friendship (he was making fun of her), but Pam says that Jim said that he really missed their friendship also. Confusing! (The Job)

45. 6 years (Goodbye, Toby)

46. Fargo, Edward Scissorhands, Dazed and Confused (in her top 3, so suck it),The Breakfast Club, & The Princess Bride (The Fire)

47. Kent, Joe, and Madge (Branch Wars)

Hope that answered all your questions!


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