FRINGE “The Firefly” Review

FRINGE "The Firefly" Season 3 Episode 10FRINGE is back! Granted it’s on a new night and possibly on the chopping block, but at least we have some more J.J. Abrams goodness to sate our sci-fi hunger. Just to get everyone back on the same page; we are done with universe jumping (for now), Peter and Olivia are over because of Bolivia, Walter owns Massive Dynamic, and Gene the cow is still alive and kicking. Everyone got that? Good, now lets talk about "The Firefly".

Wait, wasn’t Firefly that Sci-Fi show Fox put on Friday nights and then killed?

Yes, but I’m sure that tonight’s episode title is a complete coincidence that has nothing to do with the Fringe staff’s sentiments at being moved to Fridays… and if you believe that I have a bridge for sale you may be interested in. Read More...


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