Episodes 1.3 "Episode Three" Review

Only the third episode in and the Lincolns are already in a split decision regarding the future of their show. Limon's Boys is now called Pucks, as the nefarious headmaster has become a hockey coach. I can only imagine how the Hollywood process would drive people to drink (and more). Hell, writing about the process drives me to drink!

Merc continues to annoy. Of course, he has some funny lines but he is such a complete ass I want someone to knock him down a peg or two. On the other hand, Carol, who I had no interest in is coming around. She's getting a conscience and her human side is showing. I suspect she will be handily in their corner by the end of the first season.

Matt tries to get Beverly and Sean to change the lesbian librarian to a straight librarian. Bev's first (and only) instinct is she thinks it's all about Matt's ego and refuses to budge on the topic. Since it seems Matt feels close to Sean, Beverly officially leaves all communication with Matt to Sean. What does this mean? They become friends. Read More...



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