BEING HUMAN (UK) “Lia” Review

BEING HUMAN "Lia" Series 3 Episode 1 - Look, we’ve got episodes titles this year. The third series kicks off with the aptly titled ‘Lia’. Lia is one of Mitchell’s last victims and she’s a very interesting little chicky indeed. Whether she’s not-so-sneakily drawing Mitchell’s guilt to the surface, handing out death notices, or pointing out a potential romance on the horizon, Lia’s spirit guide act is a bundle of fun to watch that will leave a lasting impression on two of our foursome.

(Four! Nina is now officially part of the main cast. "A vampire, two werewolves and a ghost share a B&B in Barry." It’s got a ring to it.)

Did anyone watch the ‘Annie’s broadcasts’ videos on the Being Human website? If you did, you might remember Annie talking about a group of people who died together. It didn’t even occur to me that these could be the same people Mitchell and Daisy attacked on the train. And having Lia be one of those victims was even better. That’s one of the things I love about this show; they start plot threads and keep on weaving them in, even when you think the threads are finished. Read More...


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