Californication Review: "Home Sweet Home"

Rise and shine and give God your glory.

Before he could get spiritual with Karen on "Home Sweet Home," Hank had to deal with the cynical doctor who took care of him. The miffed MD, tired of seeing celebrities over-serve themselves, lectured Hank about the myths of living fast and dying young and beautiful. I loved how he checked out Karen’s ass, too, when she entered the hospital room to visit Hank. A very small but realistic detail.

Then, there was Hank’s hospital roommate, Marv, and his saggy old posterior. I could have lived without that little bit of reality.

Hank must have felt like he got a second lease on life with how nice Karen was being to him. Of course, we learned it was largely in part because she thought he was so miserable that it forced him to try and kill himself.

Hank just went along with it and ended up getting some sugar from her, despite her initial reluctance. Karen can’t help but love her man and a scare like the one Moody gave her is all the excuse she needed to let him back into her bed. Read More...


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