AMERICAN DAD “Stanny Boy and Frantastic” Review

AMERICAN DAD "Stanny Boy and Frantastic" Season 6 Episode 10 – Tonight’s episode of AMERICAN DAD, "Stanny Boy and Frantastic" follows Stan and Francine in another standard sitcom scenario with that good old American Dad twist. In an attempt to spice up their private lives, Stan and Francine decide they need another couple to spend time with. They finally meet Tom and Cammy, a couple of fast paced adrenaline junkies and borderline alcoholics.

Francine was pretty ditzy in this episode and while she’s normally a character I enjoy, I was irritated with her constantly saying stupid things even if it was just to show how nervous she was to have new friends. Stan was a good counterbalance to it though and his prodding her to take it down a notch made her annoying moments a little bit funnier.

After their first night out with Tom and Cammy we get an idea of what Stan and Francine must have been like in the days before they had responsibilities and fully functioning kidneys. Francine and Stan make a hilarious team of drunks and are playful with one another and their family. It almost makes you wonder if everyone in the Smith household would be happier if they just drank a bit more. The charm wears off and the next morning, they’re back to their old selves – only with missing memories and projectile vomiting. A quick call from Tom and Cammy though and their insecure nature takes over and they’re willing to smile through a painful hangover and hide the existence of their children to secure their new friendship. Read More...


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