Supernatural Casting Spoilers: Guess Who's Coming Back

Season 6 seems to be the time for returning guest stars for Supernatural.  First Rufus appeared in episode 4 "Weekend at Bobby's".  According to Jim Beaver's Twitter and some set photos we also know that he'll be appearing in episode 16 "...And Then There Were None".

We know that Genevieve Cortese (who played the second Ruby) will also be making an appearance in episode 15, called "The French Mistake".  This will be the meta episode (read more details here).

Those of you who lamented that Ellen and Jo didn't return in the 100th episode when the Winchester boys went to Heaven and were reunited with Ash will be happy to learn that Ellen will be returning.  Samantha Ferris confirmed via Twitter that Ellen would be making another appearance on the show.  She didn't provide any details, so I guess we'll have to speculate as to Ellen's return.  Will she be a ghost?  I don't think it will be an alternate reality because the episode she'll appear in will be pretty close to the meta episode which will take place in an alternate reality.  Ferris didn't mention anything about Alona Tal returning as Jo, so I'm not sure whether we'll be seeing her again.  But you can catch Tal on new episodes of Pretty Little Liars.  She'll be making an appearance starting on tonight's episode. Read More...


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