Where'd they go?!

Is it just me or did Shane and Charles change from the ones casted in Season 1 episode 1? Wasn't Shane the American one and Charles the British one? I'm confused!


Sep 30, 2009 7:16PM EDT

Shane was the British one married to Brooke Shield's character, Wendy. I believe Charles was then the husband of Kim Raver's character, Nico.

Large good to be queen
Oct 1, 2009 3:50AM EDT

In the aired pilot, and the rest of the series, Paul Blackthorne played Shane Healy (b: Wellington, Shropshire, England, UK) as Wendy's husband, and Christopher Cousins played Charles Reilly (b: New York City, New York, USA) as Nico's husband.
However, there was an unaired pilot, which circulated online after it was leaked, Christopher Wiehl (b: Yakima, Washington, USA) played Shane Healy, and Nico's last name was O'Neilly instead of Reilly (still played by Kim Raver), and her husband was Seymour O'Neilly, played by Julian Sands (b: Otley, Yorkshire, England, UK).
So you are correct that the husbands might have appeared to have been "switched", based on accents alone, if you watched the unaired pilot instead of the aired one, and then continued with the series. 8)
(Interestingly, while Wiehl was not part of the aired show at all, Julian Sand was shifted to the role of Hector Matrick instead. That would have been extra confusing if you started with the unaired pilot!)

Default avatar cat
Oct 1, 2009 7:01AM EDT

Ah thanks! Oh yeah I forgot about Hector. He was changed too.and lol @ me! I say British/American because I don't know the actors' names.Thanks a lot. This really clarified everything

Large good to be queen
Oct 1, 2009 9:05AM EDT

No worries. I understood what you meant. 8)
I didn't remember all the actors names either; that's why I used IMDB, LOL.

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