'Pretty Little Liars': Chuck Hittinger, Brendan Robinson on Sean, Lucas, Hanna love triangle

"Careful What U Wish 4" was a big episode for "Pretty Little Liars" stars Chuck Hittinger and Brendan Robinson. "A" decided to cause some major trouble for Hanna (Ashley Benson) by making her toy with both Lucas and Sean's affections. "I think both of us think it's something different than it actually is," says Robinson. "I don't think Hanna knows where it's gonna go either. She is clearly a confused mess.""And who knew that 'A' would stir up so much trouble?" asks Hittinger."And we're totally oblivious to the whole thing," adds Robinson"Lucas thinks he's got a chance," says Hittinger. "He's like, 'Alright, I'm in' and she's like, 'I'm leaving.'""It's really unfortunate," Robinson laughs."And I'm ditched, yet again, at a dance ... I think I might have to [stop going with Hanna], I should just go by myself," laughs Hittinger.We have a theory that perhaps the mysterious "A" is not solely being malicious towards Hanna --...



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