'The Bachelor': Crazy Eyes Ashley H. and Black Eye Michelle


On the latest "Bachelor" episode, Michelle has a black eye (ha!) and Ashley H. reveals herself to be Crazy Eyes. We had started wondering which one it would be this season, so it's nice to know. But let's get to the recap ...Michelle wakes up with a black eye. Um, what? I don't condone violence most of the time, but if one of those other girls punched her, I'm totally on board. Michelle's a psychopath.Chantal's dateChantal is the girl with the first one-on-one date. Ya know, I think Chantal is really pretty, but sometimes she has on way too much makeup. It detracts from her beauty, honestly. Chantal and Brad take off in a helicopter while Michelle and her 30th-birthday-miss-my-kid-black-eye fume.They fly to a marina and Brad talking-heads that he's been waiting to take Chantal on a date "for so long." Um, in "Bachelor" time it's been like 8 days, dude. Maybe it's like when...



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