'Castle': There's no statute of limitations on murder -- or kissing


With "Knockdown," we get a real doozy of a "Castle." And not just because of the serious headway Beckett (Stana Katic) makes in her mother's murder investigation -- there's also one serious make-out session between the detective and our titular hero. Hallelujah! But before we get to the ramifications of this rather heated exchange of tongue and saliva, hows about we start from the top?As with any good hyped episode, we start with an artful (if melodramatic) cold open. It's an ambiguous shot of a man going through the ritual of suicide, assembling his gun just so. But before he pulls the trigger, he places a call to Beckett. Turns out its the same detective on the scene the night of her mother's murder. And he wants to meet. In private. Privacy has to entail Castle (Nathan Fillion), who Beckett turns to in the first of several very misty-eyed showings of trust. He follows...



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