'Chuck' Season 4, Episode 12 Recap

Last week's 'Chuck' roared out of the gates, announcing a potentially fun 2011 for the show. But the series unfortunately took a pretty big step backwards this week: quite literally, right from the start. 'Chuck Versus the Gobbler' didn't so much squander the potential of Sarah's undercover work with Volkoff so much as demonstrate that these supposedly savvy spies have apparently forgotten most of their training, a great deal of their intelligence and, unfortunately, quite a bit of trust in each other.

It's the latter that causes the most discomfort. After all, trying to look at 'Chuck' as a Jason Bourne-esque adventure is a fool's errand. The former need not be the latter in order to produce a solid hour of television. When the show started, Chuck's "gee whiz" attitude towards his new spy life lent some of the awkward missions a level of authenticity: After all, how slick could a mission involving a Nerd Herder truly be? But as Chuck got to be a better spy, it was clear that the skill set of the show's writers centered around constructing compelling characters, not compelling spy missions. Read More...



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