90210 “Liars” Review

90210 "Liars" Season 3 Episode 12 – Can we kill Cannon? Please? At least kill the storyline. It was not enough that he turned from accused to actual rapist then to stalker of Silver. Now he is back to "make things right" by making a less than believeable video of the girls confessing they made the whole thing up. Oh, and Naomi’s trust fund. Sure, she can just wire that to your account, no problem. I can only hope that his arrest puts an end to this whole thing and that we never have to hear about it again. After all, there are so many other things to deal with from this episode.

Such as the mini Jennie Garth actress that is apparently going to go all Single White Female on Annie. After sexing up Liam in her brother’s bed (um, ew!), Annie is conflicted and needs to clear her head and decide what she wants. Lucky for her, her long lost cousin Emily is in town for a while to clear it up for her. Unfortunately the writers have a thing for Liam and Annie being long lost lovers for some reason, so just as Annie is willing to let him in, Liam shuts her out. Maybe next season kids. Read More...



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