HOUSE “Carrot or Stick” Review

HOUSE "Carrot or Stick" Season 7 Episode 10 – Actions have consequences for the patients of the week, Chase, and even the "Lesser Cuddy" in the "Carrot or Stick" episode of HOUSE as the effects of both positive and negative reinforcement are explored.

Talk about negative reinforcement. I would have lasted all of two seconds in that boot camp if I were very lucky and had a lot of help. The drill sergeant and recruit make for an interesting odd couple of patients of the week and I like the "Luke, I am your father" via porphyria twist, though I’m not sure whether they will ever be able to have anything resembling a father-son relationship. Interesting discussions about how to get through to troubled kids and Masters’ black and white world view feels even more extreme here than usual, so I’m glad she gets a wake-up call in the form of stolen keys. Her faith in human decency is admirable, but Foreman has it exactly right when he says, "She’s brilliant but new to the real world." Read More...


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