PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Careful What You Wish 4'' Review

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS "Careful What You Wish 4? Episode 14 – Picking up where we left off last week, the girls upon returning to the house after chasing A, ponder what to do about the video showing Ian. Like many of the viewers and commenters last week, the girls also wonder if the hand clenching at the end is more about of a sexual nature than showing Allison’s death. Well, at least Hanna thinks that. The others think they should take the video to the police until Ian shows up right then.

At this point, I highly doubt Ian is A. Too many clues are thrown toward him. I do not know what shady things he and Melissa are up to, but being A is not one of them. I have to ask, though, how could he have not seen his big goofy face peering right at him from the laptop screen when he walked into the room? Although most of the episode centered around finding the missing laptop and glaring at Ian, there were other plot points I think we need to discuss.

First, the new guy. I do not know if they ever said his name, but I am a fan. Although I am not sure how he managed to get Emily’s phone to call Maya when it was Maya’s parents that blocked her phone, he is still a champ with great tech skills. How cool is it that someone will see you break into a coach’s desk and merely offer to help? Then not to accept hush money? We may have a new ally. I also sense some sexual tension between him and Hanna. Read More...


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