'Chuck' plays a familiar card, but plays it really well


We know Sarah hasn't really turned evil on "Chuck," and we also know that the show has gone down the Chuck-has-doubts-about-Sarah road several times before. So there were pieces of Monday's (Jan. 24) episode that felt a little been-there, done-that. But one thing "Chuck vs. the Gobbler" absolutely got right was Chuck's emotional state after seeing what he believed to be Sarah's fully committed attempt to kill Casey. This whole season (and remember, the "whole season" was initially only 13 episodes, so we're leading into what the show's creators conceived as a season, if not series, finale) has been about Chuck trying to pull his mother out of a life on the dark side -- and being frustrated every time he's tried, and wondering more than once whether Mary can actually be saved. So to see the woman he loves seemingly get pulled into the very same position that his mother is in breaks our...



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