'The Cape' Season 1, Episode 4 Recap

Trains work as well as courtrooms in terms of setting the scene for a drama. In both cases, the people inside have an awfully hard time leaving. Anytime someone can simply walk away from a scene, he or she drains it of all tension. So the idea of an episode of 'The Cape' taking place aboard a Monte Carlo-inspired train should have been a slam dunk for the show. Larger than life characters trapped inside a larger-than-life locomotive? Sounds like a recipe for a fun hour. Too bad a few missing ingredients left a slightly sour taste.

On a macro level, 'Scales' set up two larger conflicts that now complicate the largest conflict all season: The Cape vs. Chess. Each now has a new enemy on what should potentially be the same side of the law: Vince now sees his carnival compatriots for the lawbreakers they truly are (and, as Max acknowledges, have always been), and Chess now has to deal with Scales as more than a man unwittingly paying double to have his dock deals go down smoothly in the Age of Ark. Watching Vinnie Jones and James Frain try to outdo each other in terms of scenery chewing was pretty fun, and Keith David added some menace to Max's ever-twinkling eye. Read More...



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