CASTLE “Knockdown” Review

CASTLE "Knockdown" Season 3 Episode 13 – Within the first three minutes of this episode, I knew it was going to be something special. No, it wasn’t just because Ragland got blown away in the middle of a restaurant while sitting right in front of Beckett and Castle. I actually had the thought about ten seconds before that happened and it was because the show had gone a whole three minutes without telling a single joke. Castle hadn’t made an idiot of himself, Beckett hadn’t gotten annoyed at him for making an idiot of himself and Esposito and Ryan hadn’t bickered like an old married couple. All of that told me that we were in for a great episode and boy was I ever right.

The fact that it was so serious was great and it proved to me that this show doesn’t need all the usual silliness in order to be good. Do I want it this serious all the time? No, not really. It’s not Castle without the funny, but when they do treat us to an episode that is minus the funny, I feel like we really get to see what these actors can do.

Castle and Beckett were fantastic, running around and working on the case even though they weren’t supposed to and along the way getting closer than they’ve been in a while. After this I’m really curious what’s going to happen between Beckett and Josh as I can’t imagine what she just went through with Castle isn’t going to stick with her. Read More...


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