Pretty Little Liars 1.14 "Careful What You Wish 4" Review

This week's Pretty Little Liars gave us another dance and more drama. Ian is feeling the heat, but will his actions at the end of tonight's episode skyrocket him to the top of the suspects list?

Pretty Little Girls Should Know That Jealousy Is Not This Season's Shade of Green

Aria was up in arms tonight after her old babysitter Simone (Alona Tal, Supernatural) came into town and was immediately paired up with Ezra by Ella Montgomery. Not only was Simone hot, but she shared Ezra's age and love for writing. Aria only shares two of those attributes and I'm not even going to give you three guesses to figure out which one she's severely lacking. After almost throwing everything she and Ezra built together under a bus, Aria came to her senses (thanks to Spencer), which lead to this week's agnonizing discussion on the age difference between she and Ezra. While I understand that the age difference is the driving force for most of Ezra and Aria's drama, it's getting a little stale for me, maybe because there is only so much you can do with this storyline. If Ella had of started dating/persuing Ezra, then we would have a story. Always throwing people in between them who matches one or the other's age is only proving to be quite predictable so far. I know I might be the only person who feels this way, but I'm cool with that. Just a thought. Read More...


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