THE BACHELOR (2011) Season 15 Episode 4 Review

My love for reality TV exists on a number of levels. I’m a sucker for any kind of contest-anything that, in the end, can show me a winner and a loser. I’m also drawn to the so-called "human experiment" where we get to see regular people forced into highly irregular situations. Shows like SURVIVOR, things that offer both, suck me right in.

Train wreck shows like THE REAL HOUSEWIVES, or JERSEY SHORE (like what are they even doing?) set my teeth on edge, though they too serve a purpose by showcasing people who we’re all grateful to not actually know in real life. Not to crack too hard on the BRIDAL PLASTY cheering section, but some of those shows feel a little like some camera decided to seek out America’s lowest common denominators for the simple purpose of putting Darwinism to the test. Read More...


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