THE CAPE “Scales on a Train” Review

THE CAPE "Scales on a Train" Season 1 Episode 4 – This one really belonged to Vinnie Jones, who’s really got inside his character of "Scales" on The Cape – the lizard-faced mobster who’s not unlike a more realistic version (well, in a way) of Killer Croc from Batman. What a great villain.

The deal-making between The Cape (David Lyons) and Scales after the thug is scorned by mastermind Peter Fleming (James Frain) and ripped off for money shows the gray area our hero is going to have to deal with. For the most part, this episode really moved a long at a clip to match it’s setting – a train.

Add the costume party element (Fleming’s white cowboy sheriff’s outfit was wonderfully ridiculous), a would-be second Cape to help the real deal, plus Max, Rollo and Ruvi planning to rob the train and the story took all sorts of twists and turns. Read More...


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