Aisha Tyler and Adam Reed Tease ARCHER Season Two

It’s time to head back into the Danger Zone with the ISIS crew. The second season of FX’s animated comedy ARCHER premieres January 27 and promises to bring even more espionage and sexed up workplace hijinks than the first season with Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin), Lana Kane (Aisha Tyler), Malory (Jessica Walter), and the rest of the gang ready to wreak more hilarious havoc on the international scene.

We were there when creator/executive producer Adam Reed and star Aisha Tyler answered questions about Lana’s ambitions, the Lana/Archer relationship, and what we can expect in season two.

On what to expect in season two

When asked about Archer‘s second season, Adam joked, "I would say it’s easily 85% as good as season one" and Aisha countered, "I will go you one better and say it is 89% as good." It sounds like season two will be offering more of the Archer we grew to know and love on a bigger scale. Aisha explained, "We were able to range a little bit farther afield. It feels like we have more missions and spend a little more time out in the world. There are incredibly funny historical references and we learn a little bit more about the characters and their lives. We learn more about Woodhouse and how frickin’ awesome is Woodhouse?"

Adam jumped in to say, "One whole episode is Woodhouse’s experiences in World War I," and then he teased, "The body count goes way up, Archer continues his quest to find out who his father is, and Archer falls in love for real, which leads to the explosive season finale, which I am just writing today, hopefully by lunch."

When asked if Archer would indeed find his father this season, Adam replied, "As I’m writing the explosive season finale today by lunch, we may or may not. It depends where the morning takes me." Read More...


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